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Chip de iubire will greet you! Shapewear is an excellent way to instantly improve your appearance. Modeling underwear gives an optical effect of thinning, minor imperfections disappear and smoothes your skin. You can opt for shaping panties, bodysuits or petticoats with a shaping effect. You can also choose between different intensities of the modeling effect – from fine to strong. The shaping underwear has a modern look, being so comfortable and sophisticated that you don’t have to keep it only for special occasions, but you can wear it every day.

How Does Shapewear Enhance Your Curves?

More and more women of all body types and sizes are beginning to accept their shapes with confidence and positivity in their own bodies. One of the key factors in this extraordinary transformation of mentality lies in part in the new technologies used in the manufacture of shapewear, something that has helped us all to feel more and more confident and, most importantly, to feel comfortable in any outfit we choose.

Thus you can choose to purchase wholesale womens sportswear to tone your body and burn more calories. You must know that shapewear is no longer just for special occasions. It can give you that extra femininity and confidence, which we all need, every day, taking into account the multitude of options available.


Size matters

Choose the correct size… believe me, this really makes a difference! Yes, it’s true that only when you order the correct size will you feel how important shapers can be for defining and contouring the perfect silhouette. Take some time to look at this size guide to know how to measure yourself correctly to choose the right size. It is important to choose shapewear supplier which will be to your liking and meet your requirements.


Advice! If you are between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size if you want more comfortable underwear or the smaller size if you want compression and a slimmer look. You can’t have both, that’s for sure.

Consider the results you expect

Do you want to have a more fluid silhouette, without unwanted bumps under the dress? Or maybe you have a fitted dress or blouse in which you want to feel much more comfortable and which will give you more confidence in yourself? Whatever your desire, you must know clearly from the beginning what you want from waist trainer leggings wholesale.


Advice! Choose the models that provide more compression if you are thinking of wearing a dress or bodycon skirt, on the body, try some high-waist shaper panties to control your waist or push-up panties when you want to attract someone’s attention.

We truly believe in the efficiency and power of shapers to improve self-confidence and to determine you to live your life to the fullest. We can’t wait for you to go through this experience!

Chip de Iubire – Always the real thing, always Magic!

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